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How to Make a Tumbler Cup

Tumblers are so useful but they’re also a way to express yourself. Customizing tumblers gives you a chance to show off your personal style, your hobbies, and the fandoms you love. You can even give personalized tumblers as unique gifts, or make sure a team or club has matching drinking gear.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a tumbler, here are several ways that are all accessible to beginners.

How to Make a Tumbler Cup

Learning How to Make a Tumbler Cup in Different Ways

When we talk about how to make a tumbler we don’t mean casting the metal or molding the plastic cup from scratch. What we mean is taking a boring, plain stainless-steel tumbler and turning it into a mobile work of art. Whether you want to simply add a name, a logo, or do something extra creative, one of these methods will suit you.

Blue plastic cup isolated on white background

Customize Your Tumbler with Vinyl Decals

A super-simple method for customizing tumblers is to buy a vinyl decal(s) and place the sticky side onto the tumbler anywhere you like. You must make sure the tumbler is clean before you start. In fact, that’s true for all these methods. Remove any labels. Use rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes to get rid of any traces of dirt, dust, or leftover glue from stickers.

Make sure the sticky part of the decal is flush against the tumbler and press firmly down. Rub to remove bubbles. It’s as simple as that.

How to Make a Tumbler Cup with Mod Podge and Pictures

A simple way to get pictures on your tumbler is by using Mod Podge. Clear Mod Podge (or clear crafting glue) is an ideal substance for coating tumblers. Just double-check that it dries with a clear finish. You can use gloss or matt glue, but gloss often looks more professional.

Print and cut out photos or images you’d like to use. Paint the reverse of each image with glue/Mod Podge and carefully apply the images where you want them on the tumbler. Be exact as you don’t want smears of glue caused by shifting them about.

Allow the glue to dry completely. Cover the tumbler with glue/Mod Podge using a brush. Try and stick to long, vertical strokes to keep your tumbler as neat as possible. Let this dry. Apply a final layer in the same way.

Silver glass isolated on white backgorund

Once completely dry, you’ll have a fully personalized tumbler with your own pictures or designs showing through the clear Mod Podge.

Paint Your Tumbler

When you first learn how to make a tumbler you’ll come across numerous painting methods. Hydro dipping, for example, involves spraying the surface of a container of water with paint. You then dip the tumbler in for swirly effects.

You can also spray paint directly onto the tumbler. Always remember to wear a face mask and make sure you spray in a well-ventilated area.

You can use a brush to paint tumblers, just make sure you use enamel, oil, or acrylic paint. Watercolors aren’t suitable.

A fun method of using acrylic paints is called the “dirty pour”. You layer paints in a disposable cup, then pour them all over your upside-down tumbler. Always do this in a tray to avoid ruining your favorite crafting table.

Once the paint dries, you can use resin to seal it and give it a professional, glossy finish.

Sublimation Tumbler Techniques

Sublimation means using heat-activated transfers. You can purchase these transfers from various outlets or have a go at making them yourself. Just remember, you can only use transfers crafted from proper sublimation ink and paper. Normal printer ink will not transfer successfully onto cups and tumblers.

Set of coffee paper cup mockup isolated on white background 3d render

As well as a proper transfer, you need heat. Professional printers use sublimation presses. They place a tumbler and transfer in the press and the machine does the rest for them. Some craft stores do sell home versions of these presses. If you can’t afford a press, don’t worry. A normal convection oven is suitable. Just remember to set the temperature to 355 degrees Fahrenheit and rotate your tumbler (using oven mitts or tongs) every two minutes. This ensures an even transfer for the best results.

Glitter Tumblers

One of the most popular techniques crafters look for when learning how to make a tumbler is the glitter tumbler. This is a simple yet effective way to transform a plain, steel tumbler into a sparkly masterpiece.

Again, there are several different methods, but for all of them, you need epoxy resin and glitter. You can use different shades of glitter for ombre or starburst effects. Or, you can keep it simple with stripes or even use stencils to create shapes.

Stainless steel thermos tumbler cup cold mug storage with green leaf bokeh background 3d rendering

The easiest method is to mix glitter directly into the resin. The more glitter you put in, the more sparkly your tumbler will be. Coat the tumbler evenly in glittery resin. Turning the tumbler constantly prevents the resin from pooling or running off. Some craft stores sell tumbler turners for this purpose. Let the resin cure and, voila, one glitter tumbler is complete.

Another way to achieve impressive results is to coat the tumbler in clear resin and then add glitter exactly where you want it. This method gives you more control. You can add different colors and thicknesses of glitter, or stencil shapes on, patting the glitter gently into the resin to ensure it stays. Add a second layer of resin and allow to cure. Your glitter tumbler is complete.

How to Make a Tumbler Exactly the Way You Want

All these crafting techniques are super fun and help you unleash the inner artist. However, if you don’t have the budget or time to indulge in creative activities like this, you can get high-quality personalized tumblers quickly by ordering online. Custom Cups Now is on hand 24/7 for customized tumblers in any design or style you can think of. Can’t see exactly what you want? Call us and talk to our friendly team at 1-833-217-1898.

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