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How to Make Custom Cups: 5 Easy Ways

Adding your own personal touch can make your favorite items feel truly one-of-a-kind. And, whether you’re new to the concept of customizing or a seasoned pro, custom cups are awesome to make, either for yourself or as gifts for loved ones.

This guide will look at how to make custom cups, listing five trusty methods.

How to Make Custom Cups: 5 Easy Ways

How to Make Custom Cups With Decals

When looking up “how to make custom cups,” you’ll probably want to go with the most straightforward method – using simple vinyl decals. They’re basically like stickers you can customize and apply to the front of your cups in a matter of seconds. Ideal for tumblers and plastic cups, they’re quick and convenient to work with.

There are two different ways to use decals for custom cups. You can either order the designs online or make them yourself. The DIY method is a little more complicated but may suit those who want to create custom cups entirely on their own.

Coffee cups with coffee shop symbols realistic set isolated vector illustration

Once you’ve got your decals, follow these steps:

  1. Clean the outside of the cups to remove any dust and grime.
  2. Identify the spot where you want to place the decal. You may want to use a ruler or measuring tape to get the placement just right.
  3. Apply some transfer tape to the front of the vinyl decal.
  4. Peel away the vinyl backing.
  5. Put the vinyl onto your cup and press it firmly in position.
  6. Remove the transfer tape.

How to Make Custom Cups With Spray Paint

Using spray paint is a quirky method to consider when brainstorming how to make custom cups. This allows you to get really creative with your design, and you can reuse the same template to customize multiple cups if desired. Here’s how:

  1. Draw your design or print it onto contact paper.
  2. Use a craft knife to cut out your design. Remember: the parts you cut out are the parts that will appear in the paint on your cup.
  3. Stick the contact paper onto your cup. Try to make it nice and flat.
  4. Cover any other parts of the cup you want to keep clean with tape.
  5. Spray your paint over the template.
  6. Give it up to 24 hours to dry (check the instructions of the paint you’re using for a specific time frame).
Concept business schemes drawn on a mug of coffee

How to Make Custom Cups With Transfers

Method No.3 on this list of how to make custom cups is to use transfers. It’s similar to vinyl decals but doesn’t require the use of any vinyl. Here’s the full guide, step-by-step:

  1. Create your design on a computer or other device, and print it on regular printing paper.
  2. Cut out your image, leaving a little border around the edge.
  3. Put your design face-down onto some contact paper and press it down to transfer the image.
  4. Cut the shape from the contact paper and soak it into a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes.
  5. By this point, your design should be entirely on the contact paper so you can rub away the original sheet of paper with your fingers.
  6. Let the contact paper dry, sticky side up, before placing it onto your cup.

When creating your design, it’s best to stick to a black-and-white print for maximum contrast and the best effect when you complete the transfer.

How to Make Custom Cups With Art Supplies

The next technique on this list of how to make custom cups is a great project for kids. It uses standard arts and crafts supplies to customize the cups: pens, pencils, glitter, stickers, and sparkles. These arty accessories are perfect for decorating cups with unique designs.

Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

  • Grab some colorful markers and draw shapes, or write your name on the side of your cups.
  • Use glue, glitter, and sparkles to jazz up a cup’s exterior – remember to let it dry before use.
  • Pick a sheet of your favorite stickers to apply to the side of your cup.
  • Create your own stickers on the computer and print them onto sticky paper.
Mockup of two white coffee mugs with flowers

How to Make Custom Cups With Custom Cups Now

Want to know how to make custom cups in the easiest way possible? Just head on over to Custom Cups Now. Custom Cups Now is a custom cup creation site where you can upload your own artwork and personalize a plethora of cool cups in paper, plastic, and more.

Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Head to Custom Cups Now.
  2. Choose one of the hot or cold drink cup options, like the classic PET Plastic Cup or Bubble Tea Cup.
  3. Decide on the ideal size and select your chosen printing method, like a one-color or two-color imprint.
  4. Upload your artwork or add a custom message for your cup design.
  5. Select a guaranteed delivery date and confirm your order.

That’s it! It’s oh-so-easy to customize cups at Custom Cups Now, and we have so many super designs. Whether you want simple paper cups, foam cups, plastic cups, or even stadium-style cups, the options are nearly limitless.

So, if you’re eager to try making your own custom cups and don’t want to deal with complicated tools and costly materials, keep things simple – head to Custom Cups Now today and create the designs you’ve always wanted in minutes.

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